Advanced Dental Training

Dr. Mahara and his team of Nanaimo dental professionals are passionate about serving their patients to the highest possible standards and the most modern and up to date treatment methods.  This includes extensive continuing education in advanced dental care practices.

Despite the high cost of courses, traveling with the team and selected patients to the training centres and taking time away from the office, Dr. Mahara and his team believe that advanced education is an investment in their patients well being that is well worth it.

Some of the advanced dental training which Dr. Mahara and his team have completed include: the Las Vegas Institute (LVI), SPEAR Education and UBC Continuing Education

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Philosophy and Approach to Practice

Dr. Mahara and his team of Nanaimo dental professionals pride themselves on treating each patient as a unique individual with a unique situation.  They will take the time to listen to your goals and explain the best dental plan to achieve them.

Your goals may range from being pain free to improving the appearance of your smile – Downtown Nanaimo Dental Group’s team of dentists and dental professionals uses the most modern tools and know-how to achieve your goals.

Looking at Your Health From the Big Picture

Downtown Nanaimo Dental Group’s team of dentists, lead by Dr. Mahara, are trained to look at your complete health picture.  Bones, muscles and joints in the face and mouth can all be factors in pain – from headaches to neck and back pain, to premature wearing, chipping and breaking of teeth.  We ensure that the root causes of your dental issues are addressed at the same time as they are corrected.  We believe in restoring health, not just fixing teeth.

Conserving Original Tooth Structure As Much As Possible

Dr. Mahara and his team of Nanaimo dental professionals practice conservative dentistry with the philosophy that it’s best to use procedures the conserve as much of your original tooth structure as possible.  With advanced technology such as CEREC same day crowns, more tooth structure is preserved while at the same time providing enhanced convenience to our patients.

Aesthetics are Founded on the Golden Proportion That Occurs in Nature

Dr. Mahara and his team of Nanaimo dental professionals use the aesthetic principle of golden proportion to help you create the most beautiful smile.  This ensures smiles that look natural.

Utilizing Cutting-Edge Technology

Dr. Mahara and his team of Nanaimo dental professionals use the most current technology at Downtown Nanaimo Dental Group.  Combining all data from the most advanced tools available, our dentists can make an informed decision about treatments that might be appropriate for a situation.  A sample of the technology we utilize includes: digital x-rays, intraoral cameras, digital impressions, CEREC same-day crowns.

We’re Extremely Proud of our Extensive Dental Care Training and We’re Happy to Tell You About it!

Dr. Mahara and his team have taken the initiative to train the whole office in advanced dental and patient care practices.  We’re proud to offer the most advanced techniques and practices for the benefit of their patients.  Please take a moment to ask us about our training -we’ll be happy to tell you more!

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