Digital X-Rays

Digital X-Rays – Nanaimo Dentists using Advanced Technology

At Downtown Nanaimo Dental Group, we use digital x-ray technology when taking images of your mouth. Like theadvanced_dental_technology traditional film method, digital radiography is an essential tool for diagnosing dental problems and for preventing future issues.

However, unlike traditional imaging, digital x-rays possess many qualities that make it the more efficient, convenient, and safe technology.

How we take your digital x-ray

For the patient, the digital x-ray process is very similar to the traditional method. Rather than film, we place we place a small sensor —which is connected to the imaging machine by a thin wire—into your mouth to take an x-ray.

After capturing an x-ray, the image is immediately transferred to a monitor for your dentist to review. The sensors can be repositioned in your mouth for as many images as necessary.

Why x-rays are necessary

Like traditional x-rays, digital imaging will reveal:

  • Cavities
  • Bone loss
  • Gum disease
  • Tooth decay
  • Unerupted teeth in children
  • Benign or malignant tumours
  • Root or internal structure problems

X-rays are an important aspect to your checkup, as they give the dentist an opportunity to find potential problem areas before the issues cause pain and damage in the future.

An instant image

Unlike conventional film x-rays, digital technology allows the dentist and patient to view the x-ray instantly after capturing the image. Previously, film x-rays could take up to a half hour to process—if the patient is in pain, every second counts!

Instant viewing also allows us to better share the images with our patients to describe the results. With this ability we can demonstrate what actions are necessary to correct problems, so you better understand the recommended treatment options.

Better technology for diagnosing

Digital technology also provides us with improved and additional options for viewing images on-screen. For example, we are able to use colour contrast to highlight certain areas to give us a better opportunity to find problems.

We are also able to enlarge and enhance portions of the image for a crisp, undistorted view, decreasing the likelihood of having to retake the x-rays.

Safe and environmentally-friendly

By eliminating traditional film x-rays we reduce the already-low amount of radiation levels by approximately 80%. With digital technology, we also remove the use of film processing chemicals that can be harmful to the environment.

Efficient for storing and sending

Capturing a digital image allows us to store x-rays on our patients’ digital files. These are very useful for gauging tooth progression or deterioration in future visits. Digital images are also much easier to transfer to other dentists for referrals or to gain records from your previous dentist.

The convenient and cost-effective method

In addition to these benefits, digital x-ray technology is an obvious choice for dental offices. The machines takes up less space, while less time and resources are spent during the process. This means we can focus more on what matters—your oral health!

When choosing a dentist, be sure to enquire about the x-ray technology in making your decision. Digital x-rays are now the modern technology of dental radiography, and you deserve the best in oral health and comfort when you visit our Nanaimo dental clinic.

To learn more about digital x-rays or to book an appointment, contact Downtown Nanaimo Dental Group today.