Advantages of Dental Bridges

dental bridgeIf you are missing a tooth or several teeth, dental bridges are a very natural looking way to replace them. Dental bridges not only help restore the function of your missing teeth, but have several advantages that may make them the right treatment option for you.

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Restore your smile

Missing teeth often affect the appearance of your smile – unless they are at the back of your mouth.  Dental bridges fill in the teeth and look as natural as your surrounding teeth.

Maintain facial shape

Your face and jaw bone can change shape if you are missing one or several teeth. Your jaw bone needs the pressure from the teeth chewing to stimulate it to regenerate.  Without the teeth there, the jawbone recedes.  Replacing lost teeth will help maintain facial shape and minimize changes to your face and jaw.

Prevent chewing problems

TMD is caused when your teeth are not meeting properly and the bite becomes imbalanced.  This leads to a host of symptoms including headaches, earaches, jaw pain and even neck and shoulder pain.   Since missing teeth cause you to favor chewing on one side consistently, this behavior could lead to bite issues and more serious jaw joint issues such as TMD.

Allow you to speak properly

Teeth are important to proper pronunciation in speech. Missing teeth can quickly affect the way you talk. A dental bridge provides the same function as a natural tooth and immediately allows normal speech ability to return.

Prevent teeth from shifting

When a tooth is missing, the teeth around the space tend to shift, tilt, or drift into that space. Once teeth have shifted, it is not easy to shift them back.  A dental bridge holds the space of the missing tooth and prevents undesired changes to the neighboring teeth.

Advantages of dental bridges compared to implants

Dental implants have become a popular alternative to dental bridges and may indeed be a good choice for you.  Since we’re on the topic of advantages of dental bridges, however, the following are a couple of the significant advantages.

  • Bridges are much less expensive than implants, especially if multiple teeth need to be replaced.
  • If your bone has recessed at the site of the missing tooth, implants may require bone grafting

Please contact us to consult one of our Nanaimo dentists if you would like to find out which treatment option would be best to replace your missing teeth.  We look forward to meeting you at Downtown Nanaimo Dental Group soon!

What is the best option for replacing missing teeth?

Are you looking for the best option to replace missing teeth? Are you tired of dentures that do not afford you the best option for replacing missing teeth dental implants nanaimoability to enjoy the wide range of foods you love?

Anyone with missing teeth knows first-hand how important each tooth is in the proper functioning of your mouth.  On a basic level, it makes eating food less enjoyable.  But on further review there are much more serious consequences.  We have written several posts on this topic if you would like to read up about the many unexpected impacts of missing teeth – from bone loss in the jaw to shifting teeth and a misaligned bite (TMD) which can cause all sorts of complications.

The good news is that there are several options to replace missing teeth.  It’s best to visit your dentist to discuss which option is best for you.  By far one of the best options, for those who are suitable candidates, are dental implants.

How do dental implants work?

During the implant treatment a small titanium post is inserted into the area of the missing tooth which acts as a substitute for the root of the tooth. The jawbone forms a bond with the titanium, creating a very strong anchor.

A custom made crown is then fitted on the titanium post, made to look and function naturally and to fit perfectly with your other teeth.

At Downtown Nanaimo Dental Group, implants are used individually, or to support a number of treatment options, including implant-supported bridges and dentures.  With CEREC, same day crown technology, when the implant is ready, Dr. Mahara can even provide a high quality ceramic crown to fit the implant in a single visit.

Advantages of Dental Implants

Dental implants have several advantages that make them an ideal replacement for teeth.  Most importantly, an implant functions much like a natural tooth.  Pressure in the jaw from the implant acts like the root of a tooth to stimulate bone growth and prevent the loss of bone that happens underneath a denture or dental bridge.

On an aesthetic level, dental implants most closely resemble your natural teeth, especially when a ceramic crown is used. And implants actually have less impact on surrounding teeth.  Unlike a dental bridge, which requires that dental crowns are placed on the two adjacent teeth to support the bridged tooth, implants do not require restorations on the neighboring teeth.

Success rate with dental implants is very high.  It’s critical to keep in mind, however, that it’s as important as ever to practice good hygiene and have regular professional cleanings with your dental implants.  Since implants function like a natural tooth they can be brushed and flossed normally.  With a diligent routine care that includes regular professional hygiene appointments, implants can last for many years.

Are dental implants right for you?

The ideal candidate for a dental implant is in good general and oral health.  The best candidates for dental implants have healthy gum tissues that are free of periodontal disease and adequate bone in the jaw to support the implant.

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