Invisible Braces for Teens

Teens are known for being naturally self-conscious – after all, they are growing and still developing their sense of identity.  Havinginvisalign teen nanaimo dental 2014 crooked teeth can be a challenge for teens, but using traditional metal and bracket braces as a solution can often make this acute sense of self-consciousness even worse.

Invisalign Teen is a virtually invisible orthodontic treatment solution for teens with mild to severe cases, including underbite, overbite, overcrowding and gaps between teeth.

When the stigma of braces is taken away, most teens will fully embrace the opportunity to straighten their teeth and improve the health of their mouth and their smile for a lifetime.

How are Invisalign braces different?

Rather than wires and brackets, Invisalign uses a series of clear, removable aligners that have been custom-made for your teen’s teeth. Your teen simply wears them for a minimum of 22 hours per day.

A new set of aligners is begun about every two weeks, gradually shifting your teen’s teeth into place and helping them achieve a smile they will want to show off.

How effective is Invisalign and how long does it take?

Invisalign teen has been shown to be as effective as traditional braces and the average treatment time is about the same as with traditional braces.  The treatment time will depend on the severity of your teen’s case and will be estimated during your Invisalign consultation at Downtown Dental Group.

Advantages of Invisalign teen

invisalign braces nanaimoDoes your teen play sports or musical instruments?  Would your teen be upset if you limited their diet?

With Invisalign, the aligners are removable, so your teen can play sports without the worry of being hit in the mouth, which can cause real damage in braces.

For the musical teen, Invisalign allows them to remove their aligners to play their instruments properly.

With braces, there is a long list of foods your teen shouldn’t eat, from popcorn to apples and raw carrots. With Invisalign, your teen can simply remove their aligners and eat as normal. The removable aligners make it easy to brush and floss normally to maintain proper oral hygiene.

Does my dental insurance cover Invisalign teen?

Many dental insurance plans cover orthodontic treatment, including Invisalign.  It’s best to check directly with your extended health insurance carrier to see what is covered. If finances are an issue, Downtown Nanaimo Dental Group offers financing plans which can help get your teen’s treatment started without delay.

What if my teen loses an Invisalign aligner?

We understand that teenagers are prone to losing items.  Therefore, we offer up to six replacement aligners for free. In the event that an aligner is lost, just let us know right away and we’ll help you replace it at no cost.

How many visits to the dental clinic will Invisalign teen entail?

The good news is that Invisalign Teen often requires less time with at the dental clinic than traditional braces do. After the initial appointment, follow-up appointments are usually scheduled for every four to six weeks.

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Invisible Braces? Introducing Invisalign

2-Benefits-of-InvisalignIf you’d like straight teeth without braces or any visible sign that you are doing an orthodontic treatment, Invisalgn is a dental technology that you need to know about.  Instead of bulky metal braces, Invisalign uses a series of see-through aligners that click into place in your mouth to progressively shift teeth into their proper position.  Not only does Invisalign act as clear and invisible braces, they’re removable!

How does Invisalign work?

A series of custom-made, clear aligners are created specifically for you by our Nanaimo Invisalign dentists and are to be worn throughout the day.  Each set of aligners is worn for about 2 weeks, so the changes made to your teeth are progressive and you can literally see the change happening each time you move to the next set of aligners.

Is Invisalign comfortable?

Since the aligners are made of a smooth, comfortable BPA-free plastic, they are specifically designed not to irritate your cheeks and gums. The aligners can be removed when you eat or to brush and floss your teeth, so keeping your mouth clean is a breeze.

Some patients do report to our Nanaimo dental team that the aligners can feel tight, especially when starting a new set.  If the new aligners are really uncomfortable, they can be adjusted.  However, in most cases, this is the natural feeling of tension created to shift the teeth to the next stage in the straightening process, and you will get used to it in no time.

Is Invisalign convenient?

Although you will typically begin a new set of aligners every two weeks, this does not mean you must visit our Nanaimo Invisalign dentists that frequently.  In fact, normally you will only need to check in with your dentist every 6 weeks.

Although being removable makes Invisalign very convenient, it’s important to remember that in order to work properly, the Invisalign aligners must be worn for 20 – 22 hours per day.  That means that although the aligners can be removed for eating and brushing and flossing, they should not be removed for any length of time.  Teen Invisalign users will be happy to know that a large part of their Invisalign wearing time occurs while they’re sleeping, leaving a few hours during the day for removal.

How long does Invisalign take?

While every case is unique for each patient, treatment typically takes approximately a year for adults. For teens, the length of treatment is comparable to that of braces.  Don’t forget however, that for teens, the combination of not having those awkward metal braces and seeing regular progress happening every two weeks makes the time fly by.

How to get started using Invisalign to straighten your teeth?

Get started by contacting us for an appointment at Downtown Nanaimo Dental Group today.  We are Certified Invisalign providers and offer financing plans to help make your perfect smile a reality today.  We also recommend that you read more about the Invisalign treatment process on our website and contact us if you have any questions.  We look forward to helping you create the smile you’ve dreamed about soon.

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