VIP Dental Lounge

Enjoy the Comfort of a Private Room

Are you looking for a new dentist in Nanaimo? We welcome all new patients.

Your visit includes VIP Service and Privacy at no additional cost. You will be greeted by our receptionist at the entrance, who will bring you right into your own private and enclosed treatment room.

Dr. Mahara has specialized dental training in the following areas:

Our Commitment to You

We strive to satisfy your needs and interests and provide the dental procedure that is best for you. We strive to treat you as a guest and always ensure your comfort.

We provide a written treatment plan, showing all costs and fees in advance, so that there will be no surprises, with financial options to find a way for you to maintain your dental health.

We offer sedation dentistry, and all our practices revolve around painless dentistry.

Thank you for choosing us for your same day crowns, cosmetic dentistry, neuromuscular dentistry, sports dentistry, Invisalign and orthodontics, family dentistry and teeth whitening services. Downtown Nanaimo Dental group strives for excellence in all these areas.


Dr. Mahara has finally finished my dental work which has been ongoing for the last year. I think most of my teeth have crowns now, but I’m happy to have them, as my mouth feels and looks great. I’m thrilled with my smile (always a defining feature for me). I’d recommend Dr. Mahara and the group at Downtown Dental Group to anyone. They are up to date on all the new techniques and technology. I had root canals and couldn’t figure out why anyone would say they were painful. I didn’t feel anything during or after. My dental cleanings are more involved than I’ve ever experienced before. It’s a checkup of everything affected by oral health. They take pride in the care and outcome of the work they do. If anyone is looking for a dentist, they would be lucky to have this group taking care of them.Karen L., Nanaimo, BC


I took my daughter to Downtown Nanaimo Dental Group to see Dr. Mahara about a new tooth that was coming in behind the baby tooth. Dr. Mahara was extremely patient and child friendly and took a good deal of extra time to ensure that there was no feeling in the tooth before the baby tooth was extracted. I left with a proud and happy little girl who said it was no big deal! I would highly recommend Dr. Mahara and the Downtown Dental Group team to any family. They understand how important it is for children not to associate bad feelings with the dentist chair. Thank you Dr. Mahara and team!John W., Nanaimo, BC